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About Me:

Born in Brooklyn, NY, I live on Long Island, and I am actually a nice, normal person who just happens to like scary fiction and artwork. Really. That's it. I wouldn't lie to you about this.


My first published short story, "Mrs. Edgecliff", appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine in August of 1992 and received an honorable mention in The Year's Finest Fantasy and Horror Sixth Annual Collection by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.

My second published short story, "Fluf", appeared in Haunts magazine in their Spring/Summer 1992 edition and was made into a short film that was shown at Sundance the following year.

I have also written a full-length screenplay titled 'Raw Material" which, sadly, died in pre-production due to budgetary issues.

I am also an artist whose illustrations have appeared in Fandom Directory and other small publications.

Between then and now I have spent the time getting married, raising a family and managing an IT career.

Now I'm back. Let's have some fun, shall we?

Current Projects:

The Dragons of Heaven: Japan, 1575: Saiko Gozu is a master ninja who has stolen the secrets of demon lore from a dying sorcerer. With his ill-gained knowledge he controls the Shi-Tengu, the Four Demons, devils in human form with monstrous powers. Any warlord who controls the Shi-Tengu is invincible in battle, but Gozu wants more. With the Shi-Tengu he intends to open the Devil's Gate and summon an army of demons, and conquer all the empire. The only person who stands in his way is his former student, friend, and comrade in arms: a wandering ninja known only as Kano. Can Kano betray his former friend and master, discover the horrific truth of the Devil's Gate, and stop Gozu before his hellish legions are unleashed upon all of mankind?

The Edgecliff Storybook: What happens when five little orphan girls find a magical storybook? Um... not what you'd think. When Elsbeth, Gretchen, Kiku, Nephri, and Mopsy are sent to live at the orphanage at creepy old Edgecliff Abbey, their only escape is within the pages of a magical storybook, a book that literally draws them in and leaves them stranded in a magical fairyland. The five little girls race against time to find their way back -- only, Elsbeth doesn't want to go back. She has nothing in our world; here in the storybook, she can become the princess she felt she's always deserved to be. When the girls return, Elsbeth stays behind. Back at the orphanage, financial troubles and the missing Elsbeth cause a crisis that could close the orphanage for good. Like it or not, Edgecliff Abbey is the only home these girls have, and they will defend this house! But first, they have to get Elsbeth back from the storybook. Watch out, fairyland, the Edgecliff Girls are going back in!